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Monica Oszust

Ben Gillikin
Past President

Bill Butler

Ron Margolis

Mark Wolfendale
Community Service

Cynthia Wolfendale
Club Service

Jessica Muffett

John Oszust
International Service

Joe Halasey
Youth Service

John Harder

Director at Large - Environment

Marjorie Gifford


Char Dyer
Speaker Coordinator

Margie Bennett & Christopher Lyden
Sergeant at Arms

Ken Hughes, Ron Margolis and Margie Bennett

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Aloha Kakou - we are one!


August 2017 Beach Meeting at Anini

Club History


Our Club History - Past Presidents

1994 - 1995 Mal Dohrman
1995 - 1996 Gregg Gardiner
1996 - 1997 Lucy Adams
1997 - 1998 Gary Siracusa
1998 - 1999 Joe Halasey
1999 - 2000 Laura Richards
2000 - 2001 Jon Anderton
2001 - 2002 Jim O'Connor
2002 - 2003 Ming Fang
2003 - 2004 Deanna Schafer
2004 - 2005 George Corrigan 

2005 - 2006 Tsajon von Lixfeld
2006 - 2007 Steve Whitney
2007 - 2008 Sally Motta
2008 - 2009 Jeff Goodman
2009 - 2010 John Gillen
2010 - 2011 George Corrigan
2011 - 2012 Bob Capwell
2012 - 2013 Tony Motta
2013 - 2014 Michael Somers
2014 - 2015 John Young
2015 - 2016 Michael Dexter-Smith
2016 - 2017 John Oszust

2017 - 2018 Monica Oszust

2018 - 2019 Ben Gillikin




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Ohana Members

Ohana members are Rotarians who are members of other Rotary clubs but regularly visit Kauai and make The Rotary Club of Hanalei Bay a home away from home. As Ohana members they participate in the social and community activities of the club, have their own badge, and are treated like family. Ohana means family in Hawaiian. 

Becoming a Member - Join us!

  • Have a club member to sponsor you.
  • Come to a few meetings and find out more about Rotary.
  • Your sponsor submits your name and biography to the board.
  • The board approves you.
  • Your sponsor and other members will talk to you about the  privileges, financial cost, and responsibilities of Rotary Club membership.
  • Your sponsor will ask you to fill out an application card, and get your permission to publish your name and proposed business classification to the Club.
  • Your name will be presented to the Club. If no objections are received by the board within ten days, you are elected a member upon payment of the admission fee.
  •  You are inducted into Rotary during a meeting.

New Members Always Welcome

If you are looking to join our energetic, fun loving ohana - send us an email!

Email for Membership Info