First saturday of the month. Highway cleanup. Get some exercise and say hello to some very special club members that are key to making our club successful. Be a part of making Kauai a better place to live. Many hands make hard jobs short work. Bring a picker if you did not return it the last time.


Highway Cleanup

Meet at 8:15 in the Foodland parking.

AED, (automated external defibrillator) saves lives. Sudden cardiac arrest can be brought on not only by internal short circuiting, but also something like a near drowning, a blow to the chest in a ball game, or other type of trauma like an auto accident or fall. The wait/turn-around time for an ambulance to our most outer-lying areas is not quick, and is further inhibited by unpredictable factors such as weather, traffic, and the number of existing calls our island's few ambulances may already be responding too. By covering Kauai and Niihau with AED, we exponentially increase our ability to return someone back to their families after becoming a victim of sudden cardiac arrest.

Please consider sponsoring an AED to be installed in a school or other high traffic or remote area. For the full sponsorship of a unit ($2,000) a plaque will also be installed honoring you, or someone you love. Donations of all sizes are greatly appreciated.


Would you save a life if you could?.

The Greatest Garage Sale Ever!

At the Kilauea Mini Storage Building In March 18, 8AM to noon. An annual tradition. 2000 square feet of great deals and bargains. No junk.We are accepting quality donations the entire year. Have someting you want to get rid of, get in touch and we will find someone to pick it up.

Tons of bargains you don't want to miss